The Simple Truth Method: A Meditative Approach to Contemporary Living

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The Simple Truth Method to Modern Meditation provides a richer, deeper experience that will take you there faster - on Your Terms. Learn to simplify your life and redefine your existence so that you can travel your path today. After all, it is YOUR life. Why not live it YOUR way? On YOUR terms?

Simplicity in Meditation

Simplicity is the product of tempering a great...

The Focused Calm

<p>The Focus Calm of Modern Meditation makes all the difference.</p>

The Simple Truth – A Growing Community

If you’re wondering what our growing community...

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Based in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood, Jeff Cannon teaches The Simple Truth Method to Modern Meditation.

The Simple Truth Method layers traditional techniques to give you the tools you need to create a personalized practice that works with your life.

It is a private program that will help you build a deeper, richer, more effective meditation practice that works for the realities of today’s world.  Once these tools are in place Jeff will help you deepen your practice through a series of Advanced Programs that will help you resolve and overcome the issues in your life through a meditative approach to contemporary living.

Whether you are looking to create a life-changing transformation, generate greater understanding and compassion, or simply seeking to find a bit more calm and balance in your life, Jeff Cannon’s Simple Truth Method can help.

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Walk Your Own Path

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