Learn to weave traditional meditation techniques into the beautiful tapestry of Modern Meditation.

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The Simple Truth Method provides a richer, deeper meditation experience. Learn to simplify your life and redefine your existence so that you can walk your path on YOUR terms. After all, it is YOUR life. It is time to live it YOUR way.

Simplicity in Meditation

Simplicity is the product of tempering a great...

The Focused Calm

<p>The Focus Calm of Modern Meditation makes all the difference.</p>

The Simple Truth – A Growing Community

If you’re wondering what our growing community...

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Based in New York City, Jeff Cannon teaches The Simple Truth Method to Meditation.

Working both live and online, STM is an advanced form of meditation that provides a richer, deeper meditation experience.

The Simple Truth Method is not a monastic practice. It was not designed for people whose path means leaving society behind. Instead, The Simple Truth weaves traditional meditation techniques into a wonderful tapestry we call Modern Meditation. It provides a richer, deeper path to a personalized practice that works on your terms and with your life.

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October 10, 2015 |

Q+A – What Does It Feel Like When The Brain Reboots? Seizure Pt II

When I first left the hospital I had a very limited awareness of where I was. We often speak of being present – well, this was it. My focus was on the pavement immediately in front of my feet. I was not worried about what happened yesterday or the day before. I was not worried about what was coming up. The past and the future were not even concepts I could grasp. Mine was a very immediate and present-moment experience, all day, every day.

October 7, 2015 |

Meditations & Seizures to Recovery – Seizure Pt I

It has been a path of following a meditative approach to recover, interrupted by frantic thoughts and the need to quiet my mind, of getting lost in a city in a well laid-out grid, of waiting on random corners as my neurons settled down, of not moving until my sense of space and direction returned to me. Of getting lost in time on a park bench, blankly contemplating a leaf in empty silence until something sparked a memory in the back of my brain and stirred my mind to life.

September 4, 2015 |

Solving The Immigration Crises Mindfully

The world has become a far different place than it was ten years ago. With climate change effecting more and more...

August 19, 2015 |

Q+A – Learn to Surf Your Meditation

  A student asked me this week about going further in their meditation. They felt like they were getting...

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