• Live every moment on a higher level
    than ever before,
    be fully present, right here, right now


Ancient Wisdom for the Modern World

The Simple Truth teaches more than just meditation. We teach you how to bring ancient wisdom into the modern world, so that you can breathe easier, reduce the mindless chatter, and take your practice off of your cushion to live a meditative and mindful life.

We will give you the tools you need to overcome the distractions and delusions that can hold you back from being the person you truly are in body, mind and spirit.

We will teach you how to create a meditation practice that you can carry it with you no matter where you go. Ours is a living meditation that will help you cultivate a community – one that supports you in kinship and  Love as you learn to live your life on your terms, simply and authentically as you.

Relax as you spend more time with the family and friends you hold dear. Give yourself permission to enjoy all the wonderful things you have worked so hard to attain. It is possible through Modern Meditation.

Led by Jeff Cannon, the Simple Truth Project is based in New York City. It is a place to learn, to practice, and to broaden your life with a thoroughly Modern approach to Mindfulness and Meditation.

Find Yourself to Awaken Yourself

As teachers at the Simple Truth Project we impart a contemporary approach to meditation. When you learn to weave traditional meditation techniques together you can create a practice that truly works for you. This is the beautiful tapestry we call simply Modern Meditation – it is yours to do with as you wish.

Modern Meditation is based in the Zen tradition with one difference, it is refined for the world you live in.

The Buddha introduced his own form of Modern Meditation almost 2,500 years ago to help his contemporaries overcome the issues of their day. Unfortunately those issues were far simpler than the realities that you face in today’s world.

He taught his students to question everything and accept nothing at face value. This is precisely what Jeff Cannon is doing with The Simple Truth Project. He echoes the Buddha’s sensibilities when he questions the formalities every faith lives by, including the formalities most Zendos use in their practices through which to teach Buddhism to their flocks.

Jeff’s journey taught him that traditional meditation practices simply do not fit into the realities of today’s world.

The beauty of meditation is that it will help you transcend your issues, it will help you rise above the rites and rituals, the scandals and Guru worship that runs through so many traditional lineages and continue to tarnish what can be a very powerful tool in the right hands.

Meditation for meditation’s sake can be a frustrating path with no end. When you weave traditional meditation techniques together you create a transformational force that guides your life in the direction you want it to go.

Love, calm abiding, joy, a sense of accomplishment, an ever-deepening spirituality; it is all possible.

We can help you take your meditation to the next level with a simple and honest approach will help you let go of the issues that hold you back from being your best.

As you will learn you can live YOUR life YOUR way.

With Jeff Cannon and the Simple Truth Project it is easier than you think.

A new school of thought.

Jeff created The Simple Truth Project as a school of thought. We do not reach a new form of meditation,. Instead we show you how to weave traditional meditation and mindfulness techniques together in a simple and honest way so that you can overcome the concerns that simply did not exist when traditional meditation first took hold.

It is why our students speak of The Focused Calm as that feeling of detached awareness you will come to know as you travel through the world free of the distractions, stress and self-doubt that plagues so many.

Do not try to live a “Zen-style” life.
Simply live your normal life,
Appreciating every moment,
For what it truly is.

Just starting a meditation practice?

Looking to deepen an existing one?

See how Jeff can help you live your fullest life.