Based out of New York City, Modern American Monk Jeff Cannon teaches a basic and a more advanced form of meditation – perfect for beginners, dabblers and experienced meditators alike. He layers his teachings with the first-hand education of neuroscience and evolutionary biology he received during his surgeries so you will understand more than just how to meditate, but why meditation works and why it is such an important part of your own personal evolution.

Jeff’s Basic Meditation provides you with the tools you can use from day one. He will show you how your brain and mind can prevent you from being your best. He will also teach you to access the meditative tools that are already within you to overcome the distractions in your life.

If you want to go further Jeff can help you take your practice as far as you want to go – whether it is to deal with long-standing issues or even explore the spiritual side of life you will no doubt touch upon.

When you are ready Jeff will teach you how to weave the best of traditional meditation techniques so that you can create a practice that will always be yours to enjoy.

Not a monastic practice.

The Simple Truth was created for people who want to be a part of humanity and the society it has given birth to. It was not created for those who wish to live in a cave or dwell in a monastery. It is not about robes and processions, or arcane rites and rituals. It is about learning to develop your own sense of self so that you can enjoy the very real community you are already a part of, people with whom to share with and learn from at your pace and whenever you are ready.

Modern meditation provides a richer, deeper meditation experience that works for today’s world. We encourage you to take a basic session before trying our Advanced session. If you are uncomfortable with a seated approach with a teacher, you may find your path through the podcasts and videos within our website.

Let us join you on your journey so that you can grow at your pace to create a deeper, richer practice that is right for you no matter where you are heading.

A profound experience.

Jeff’s teachings are quietly profound. They deliver a grounded program that works on every level. Although he has studied with monks and priests he was never content to settle with any formal religion. Instead he sees the threads that connects science and religion, faith and physics, spirituality and physical being together free from gaps.

His work is not affiliated with, nor exclusive to, any religion or tradition. Instead he places greater responsibility on the individual to find and follow their own Simple truth. The result is a meditation practice that you can grow with or simply take off the mat as you meditate into your life on every level.

“Jeff sees things differently than you or I.  He helped me see beyond my issues and move past them.”

“What I love about Mr. Cannon is that he experienced the corporate world.  He really understands what it demands of us.  His answers are not random.  They are real.”

“Jeff Cannon is one of the most original and inspiring of spiritual teachers.  He talks about science and spirituality in a way that work in the real world.”

“I learned more in just sixty minutes than I did in 4 years of college.”

“I loved my time with Mr. Cannon. He didn’t just teach me how to meditate, he taught me how to live…”

“I could not believe that I could stop the noise of New York, but I did.”

Just starting a meditation practice?

Looking to deepen an existing one?

See how Jeff can help you live your fullest life.