• Many Meditation Teachers and Schools Talk About Their Lineage. This is Ours.


Free yourself from the smells and bells of tradition. While we are based in the Zen tradition, we do not follow their formal lineage because we do not want to travel down the path locked into 2,500 years of scripture, practices and processions – ideas that lost much of their meaning long before you were born.

After nine brain surgeries and countless hours of rehabilitation our founder, Jeff Cannon, felt his way along a very twisted path. It was a path that forced him to rediscover himself each time and opened up a part of his mind until he recognized his own Simple Truth.

He was asked to study with a number of Buddhist orders only to find each was tied to the past, more concerned with the robes and processions of their orders than with helping to end the suffering of their followers.

Jeff has been called A Modern American Monk many times. He is an author of numerous books and is the founder of the Simple Truth Project. He is also a leading voice in the Modern Meditation Movement.

Jeff’s lineage is the lineage of life. It is the one the Buddha spoke of where everyone and every experience is a teacher if you allow them to be. His lineage began with a practice deeply rooted in the Zen tradition. His experiences opened up the way for him. The result is a practice that layers the Dharma with physics, meditation with neuroscience and traditional philosophies with the endless streams of data we all must endure.

Mr Cannon studied Zen and Mindfulness Meditation, as well as Vipassana, Samatha, Vedic and Transcendental styles of meditation. He remains more concerned with finding the commonalities between those styles rather than the points of differentiation.

To him, the threads that connect the traditional practices are the keys to weaving those practices together to create the wonderful tapestry he calls simply Modern Meditation. His is a style of meditation refined for the realities of the 21st Century world we all live in.

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