Advanced Meditation

Take Your Meditation Off the Cushion

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Activate Your Meditation For Your Life.


It’s time to take your meditation out of your Zendo and bring it to life. There is nothing wrong with meditation for meditation’s sake. But why not focus your practice so that you can live a meditative life every minute of every day?

Create the life you truly want to live with a more advanced form of meditation that will support your life the way you want to live it.

Modern Meditation is not a monastic practice. It was not designed for people who wish to live in a cave and detach themselves from society. Modern Meditation will not stop the world from spinning, but it will keep you from feeling the need to join the circus that is all around you. Learn to weave traditional techniques together, you can enjoy your life, on your terms in a calmer, gentler, and more balanced way.

The Simple Truth Project is here to help you settle into your meditation practice on a different level. We are a non-ecumenical group that does not follow any fixed faith – Buddhist Christian, Muslim, or Judaism – we will simply provide you with a practice that will strengthen your faith practice and become the best person you can be. Meditation_Programs

We do ask that you enjoy in a Basic Meditation session. You do not have to make a commitment, but it will give you a foundation from which to enjoy the gifts our advanced practice will provide.

Our Basic Meditation session will teach you to meditate. Sometimes that is enough. But sometimes you need more, and without this foundation you will become lost and stuck back on your cushion, unable to proceed. We simply want to ensure that you learn to apply your practice to the very real issues that you will inevitably face in today’s world.

Advanced Programs for Personal Growth & Development


Your Strategy for Happiness

Happiness is not a cloud you walk into. It is the result of bringing key aspects of your life into balance through meditation.

Everybody is different, we all know this. Your Simple Truth is unlike anybody else’s. Our approach to Modern Meditation will create the right balance for you through an effective and proven approach.

We can help you create a path to simplify your life and give you the focused calm you need for the happiness you deserve.  Learn to create a life that supports your own Simple Truth and you will enjoy a richer, deeper, more passionate and more rewarding life than you ever thought possible.

This is a a guided program that incorporates meditation, one on one discussions, as well as guided self-exploration, so that you can identify the most important areas of your life and design a road map for your happiness that will remain long after the sessions stop.   

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Find Your Balance

The gap that exists between where you are and where you should be is why you feel off-balance. Burning yourself out is not the answer to filling that gap. Balancing the transition you are in will. If you want more balance in your life, you simply need to be comfortable with the imbalance that is what it is to be a human in the modern world.

What follows is a mindful approach to discovering the balance that is within you. We can help you find your own Simple Truth and discover the balance what lies between what is and what will be. In this short program, we will also teach you how to stay true to yourself during your transition.
Learn to overcome the self-defeating habits and limiting beliefs that keep you from being at peace with every step of your journey. Erase the fear that is holding you back from your dreams and bypass the ego that drives you to make the wrong choices instead of what you know is the right one.
It is time to find your balance in a new and limitless belief system.


Simplify and Thrive - Your Authentic Self

Life is complicated, but it doesn’t have to be.

Learn to simplify your life without making it too simple. This does not come by getting rid of everything in your life. It comes from removing those things that do not support your Simple Truth and your authentic self. It is called curating your life, and once you learn to do this, you will take the biggest step you have ever taken, no matter where you are in life or where you want to go.  

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Step to Enlightenment - A Spiritual Journey

This is an advanced program for beginners and experienced practitioners alike.  

Based on Jeff’s book, The Conversation: Your Guide to Transcendence, this program is created for those who want to take your meditation practice to the next level.

It will help you expand your awareness and engage your consciousness so that you can recognize and grow as you begin to recognize the moments of enlightenment that happen every day – often without your even being aware of them.    

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