Thick & Tangy Almond Yogurt Recipe

In the years it has taken to perfect this recipe, we have visited dozens of websites, tested endless recipes, learned incredible insights until we found something truly amazing. It is perfect for the paleo, vegan, or just plain foodie in you.

almond yogurt - paleo, dairy free, veganOur recipe produces a thick almond milk yogurt with just the right amount of tartness and tang. It is the only recipe we can call a true yogurt.

What we learned is simple enough, if you want to make almond milk yogurt, you need to start with real almond milk. Forget about store-bought almond milk. It just never produces real yogurt. It could be the additives, it could be the processing. We never bothered to ask.

Besides, milking your own almonds is as much a meditation as enjoying the yogurt it produces.

So start making your own Almond Milk Yogurt today, and learn to enjoy the fresh taste that comes out of your kitchen.

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It’s perfect for Vegans, Vegetarians, and those on the Paleo diets. It is great for breakfast or anytime of the day. Add some lemon, salt and pepper and make your own sauces, giving you a rich source of protein in every bite.

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