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Beyond Fear in Life’s Transitions

Life doesn’t always schedule itself at your convenience. So, when you find yourself in the middle of one of life’s transitions, learn to break free of the fear you may be feeling so that you can find a safe place to land and begin to plan your next chapter. There are two core fears that […]

Communicate fully with the 7_38_55 Rule

If you do not know what the 7 – 38 – 55 rule is, do not worry, most people don’t. When you speak you are not just communicating your words. Those are the details, but they are not the full intent of your message. 90% of life is spent trying to communicate with the people […]

Keep Them Alive

Everyone of you has a Life Force that flows through you, connecting you to everyone and everything around you. It also connects you to the greater pool of Energy that we all exist in. That life force flows around you and through you, it makes your heart beat and your Love swim.

Prana, Mana, Chi, Qi

Prana, Mana, Chi, Qi – these are names for the same things in very different cultures; the life force that animates us, brings us to life, and empowers us to give and receive Love, to live as we know it. In the west we call this energy. The Japanese call the energy that flows within […]

New Meditation for 9/11

9/11 is a very difficult time for some. I recognize this. I was there. I saw the first plane flying low over the city, I watched the empty buses return with no survivors, I witness the blood banks turn many away as there was no need for the donations. But with all of this, it is time to forgive those who attacked us and how we responded. The anger and hate fueled our present situation and will continue to do so until the world becomes a boiling sea of anger. Let’s turn the tide and have compassion as a new tradition for 9/11. It is time.

Q+A: What is the simplest and fastest meditation I can do?

Your question is not as simple as you may think. Realize that meditation is a wonderful 2,500 year old practice, but it is 2,500 years old. It was created for a world far simpler than the one you now live in. No matter what style you begin with, you will undoubtedly find you will outgrow […]

Make A Real Impact On The World

Do you want to make a bigger impact on today’s world? How about on those you love and care for? There are no shortcuts or easy paths to doing this. But there is a simple strategy if you are serious about being of service to yourself and to those around you. All it requires is […]

6 Simple Tips For Better Meditation

If you don’t think you can meditate, it is really not difficult to sit and weave your meditation into your life. In fact it is really quite easy.  Just follow these simple tips and don’t forget to smile as you do. You may even surprise yourself when you realize how easy it is and what […]