Teachers & Students

A student asked me, “How do I find a teacher?”

To which I replied; Simply open your eyes to learning.  Tachers are all around you.   You see, everyone and everything is a teacher. Teaching is transference. It is the exchange of energy from one entity to another. The ideas and emotions that you are taught are just energy. Their impact is felt in the energy that is exchanged. You remember a lesson because of the energy you have accepted.

When you open your eyes and look, you will see that teachers are all around you. They are found in every stone and in every sunrise. They are found in the energies that exist in everything. A flower is your teacher if you are open to the lessons it has to give. Lessons in Love and in patience. Lessons in beauty and in appreciation.

You are a teacher. So is your student. Every time you touch someone else you teach them what it is to be alive. Every time you drink a sip of water you learn from it. Every time you remember a flower or a smile the energy you have received has given you something. They have shown you something that you did not previously know.

You do not need to be taught. You need to understand how to learn. This is the process of existence. Continually opening each other up to the lessons of the universe. The lessons are out there. They always have been. They always will be. They are there to bring all things together. It is up to each being to remain open to them. To understand them. So that they can come together.

Expanded Thinking for the 4th

On this 4th of July we need to expand our thinking beyond the squabbles of political parties or media personalitites.  We need to think bigger so that the dream that so many people speak of doesn't get buried.  We need to think of America as an idea, not just a country of borders.  Of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness for ALL people no matter where they live.

It is why my America is more than a country bounded by borders. It is an idea that continues to spread around the world. Our revolution lit the fuse for the French Revolution. It inspired Martin Luther Kind and Ghandi. It continues to empower people to overthrow authoritarian rulers and to seek freedom today. It is a dream based on acceptance, on fair play, on love and compassion. It is also based on common law, on strength and on protecting the rights of all people so that no one person or group can dictate how others should and should not live. Happy 4th of July everyone. May the dream continue to spread.

Hours in the Day

When you learn how to clear your mind, all the time wasted on distractions and noise becomes yours.  It’s hours in the day and those hours can help you build the life you were meant to live.

The next time you become distracted and find that your mind has wandered in the middle of a workday, think about how you could have used that time.  The next time you find yourself daydreaming, think of how you could have used that time building your dreams during the day.

Not that you have to occupy every moment of every day, but acknowledging the time that drifts away is the first step to being aware that you always have the ability to choose what you do with it.



Jeff Cannon

Simple Truth


A Balanced Life

It is okay to have a drink, just don’t drink too much.

It is okay to be angry, just don’t let it drive your decisions.

It is okay to feel good about yourself, just dont’ let it cause others to feel bad.

It is okay to love your work, just don’t sacrifice your life to it.

It is okay to be proud of what you do, that is what drives you to be better than you are, just don’t use it to keep others beneath you.

A happy and successful life is about balance. When one, happiness or success, becomes the only driving force in your life, it is quickly thrown out of balance. That is when unhappiness or failure occurs.

Be mindful. Be aware. Be conscious of your actions, and you can keep them in balance without stress or anxiety or jealousy or loathing.

It truly can be that easy.

Simple Truth in Relationships

When a relationship becomes a one-way way street, it ends up at a dead end sooner or later. Learn to keep the traffic flowing both ways with conversation, forgiveness and mindful awareness to keep your relationship growing well into the future. It all starts with that inner conversation you have with yourself. Be aware of it, and find how easy it is to nurture your relationship in the direction you want it to go.

At one time or another, we all transfer the frustrations from our day onto our partners. Don’t get upset, it’s natural. People turn to the ones they trust, to those closest to them, to vent. The problem is your loved one doesn’t always know that you’re venting and can take it very personally.

That doesn’t mean you have to stop venting. It just means you need to be aware that you are venting. That way you can take the guesswork out by telling your partner why you’re venting. When you are mindful of the person across from you, it’s easy to help them understand the “why” behind the “what,” so they’re not left guessing if they are the one you’re angry with.

Just acknowledging that you’ve had a bad day can help you change your tone from exasperation to understanding. Being aware of how short your fuse has become means you can keep yourself from escalating a harmless comment into a full-blown argument. Being aware of your own volatility also puts you in a better place to show your partner how to do the same.

It doesn’t have to be a bigger deal than that. When you feel yourself escalating, take a breath, step back and explain why you’re upset. Take a moment to see where an issue came from. Let them know it’s not them, it’s the world.

If you feel defensive, ask yourself what you’re afraid of. If you are angry, ask yourself where it originated. Then explain it. Because when you are aware of the issues you brought in the door, you can ask your partner where theirs came from, too. You can become the change you want to see in your partner and in your relationship. You’ll find it’s easier to create change when you lead by example, and that starts with simply being aware.

Un-Filter Your World

The world you know is filtered through your hopes, dreams, fears and worries. The beauty and the ugliness you see in the world is not how the world is, but the world viewed through your emotions. It’s not good or bad. It just is. That’s how the brain works. The moment each of you becomes aware of your emotions is the moment you start to see how often egos can undermine your relationship. Then you can move past them so that you can build the world you want to build together.

Forgive the Imperfections of Life

Forgive yourself for not getting everything done in your day. Forgive yourself for the faux pas you made at the office. Forgive yourself for letting someone get under your skin. Forgive yourself for not being perfect. Now, forgive the one you love for exactly the same things, and see how that changes the energy of the room you are in. Don’t let your fears ruin your relationship. Let your relationship be the foundation you need to overcome your fears.

Sow the Seeds of Love

Love doesn’t disappear in a cataclysmic fireball. It gets choked behind a wall of doubt and indifference. The seeds of doubt are planted when you realize that your partner doesn’t like to get their hands as dirty as you. Or maybe it’s when you realize that they don’t enjoy the level of sophistication that you do. Those are the seeds that grow into thoughts that only you can hear. If left unattended, they twist and turn around each other, growing into a knotted bramble. You don’t have to let them grow, though. You can clear that bramble up by sharing your hopes and concerns. You can rely on the love and understanding that created your relationship to sow the seeds you want through compassion, forgiveness, honesty — oh and yes, lots of talk. With those tools you can grow a garden that bears wonderful fruit well into the future.

Be Perfectly Imperfect

You are perfectly imperfect. So is your relationship. Don’t let someone else’s idea of how your life should be, ruin the life that is. Everyone has their ideas of love, life and connection. Always remember that this is your relationship. Don’t allow the dreams others have for their life shade what you want for yours. Be honest, be open, and allow yourself to experience and explore what you have without judgment. Give yourself permission to laugh and be silly, and to enjoy. Allow yourself to love and be loved unconditionally, no matter what others may think. Let your love flow back and forth, because that is what creates a two-way relationship that lasts.

Most important breathe slow and smile. That’s the first step to diffusing, redirecting and keeping the traffic flowing


5 Steps to Unlocking Your Higher Self

We’re all too familiar with the voice that echoes inside our heads. You know the one: the nasty roommate who constantly picks at your faults, real or imagined. No matter how hard you work or how much good you’ve done, you still hear the words in the background. “You’re too fat,” or, “You’re getting old,” and, “You’re not working hard enough.” It’s the “You’ll never be able to retire well,” and, “She’s too good for you,” or, “He doesn’t care.” The list is never ending. It doesn’t matter if it is true or not; the words still find their mark with an endless barrage of putdowns that your brain creates just for you.

I say “brain” for a reason, because that voice talking is not you. That’s your 40,000-year-old brain doing what it was programmed to do. It was programmed to look for things that are wrong to keep you out of trouble. It’s a survival technique. But when your brain doesn’t see anything wrong in the world around you, it looks inward, and the result sounds like a nasty, awful roommate.

You’re so used to hearing your nasty roommate that you rarely see your higher self. This is the part of you that’s happy, carefree, and outgoing. It’s that 21st century mind you need say hello to and acquaint yourself with, because while your 40,000-year-old brain may keep your body safe and alive, it’s your 21st century mind that will help you grow and be happy. It will help you become the person you were meant to be.

All you have to do is learn to quiet your 40,000-year-old brain so that you can listen to it. It’s easier than you think.


1. Realize that life doesn’t have to be perfect to be great.

The more time you spend trying to make your life perfect, the less time you can spend enjoying it. Drop the idea that if the world isn’t perfect, it’s not right. The world is perfectly imperfect. You just need to learn to enjoy the blemishes as well as the gems. Even more important, forgive yourself for your own imperfections. Just tell yourself, and say it out loud: “It’s all a part of being the beautifully, wonderfully flawed me!” Then enjoy those flaws all just the same.

2. Acknowledge your own divinity from time to time.

Believe it or not, you were born beautifully divine. The world just never learned to embrace it, and you never learned to enjoy it. The secret to happiness is not to pursue that which you don’t have. The secret is to look within and acknowledge your own simple truth, your own divinity. All the rest can be let go.

3. Sow the seeds of positive thoughts.

You can’t control all of your thoughts. They’ll come on their own accord. But you can control how you respond to them. Many of the thoughts you have are simply the way the brain works. It is free to do what it wants. Think of your thoughts as seeds that grow within you. You can cultivate wonderful crops, or you can let the weeds grow untended. When you cultivate good thoughts, you live.

4. Let go and just be.

Real happiness is not about being ecstatic every minute of every day. True happiness is about being content, being in balance, and living a life that is productive, fulfilling, and enjoyable. Learn to let go of all the drama that upsets your balance. If it takes away from your contentment, then let it go. Change your point of view by not focusing on the negative, but by reminding yourself of the positive in your life.

5. Find your own simple truth.

Do the things you love the most, follow your heart, your passions, and your dreams. Look for meaning in your actions and purpose in whatever direction you decide to follow. Those are what will lead you to your simple truth, which is the path to your higher self and to becoming the divine being you were meant to be.

It’s no longer enough to accept the way things are and the life you have. There is a wonderful opportunity to live the life you were born to live. The power is within you. All you have to do is take the first step toward realizing it.