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The Conversation is a journey of transcendence.  It bridges that point where science and spirituality, physics and metaphysics meet.  All within Jeff’s easy style so it’s a fast read with a lot of impact.

Based on a series of lucid dreams Jeff Cannon had on the Greek Island of Ithaka, it is a guide for those who expect more, preferring proof to random ideas of life, death, and the great beyond.

The Conversation



“Less a book.  It is an Experience.”


“Stunning, insightful, beautiful.”


The Conversation is the Answer.”




In this book, Jeff guides you through his conversation with a part of the creator energy who proves that science and spirituality can exist in the same sentence, that a creator energy can co-exist with the idea of evolution, and that the divine exists within you no matter where you are in the human experience.

Jeff’s companion follows the evolution of native spirituality, to religion, to science and back to the era of advanced spirituality we are now entering.  Or, as Jeff puts it, SBNR – Spiritual, But Not Religious.

This is Jeff Cannon’s third book on Modern Meditation, Spirituality, and the point where Science and Spirituality Meet. 

As Jeff Cannon put it recently, “this is the culmination of a life-long journey for me.  I feel as if everything I have endured and experienced was in preparation for this moment.  My experience meeting this point of energy, in the way that I did, was a moment of enlightenment, awareness and even transcendence.  This book, The Conversation, is my way of sharing it with you.”

Jeff Cannon The Conversation


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