The Focused Calm

The Focused Calm of Modern Meditation is what makes all the difference in the world.

We just completed a walking meditation on the Highline.  We walked from Chelsea to the Meat Packing on New York City’s West side.   Each step was slow and methodical.  It did not matter to us that people looked on.  We were lost in our thoughts and in our steps.

It reminded me of another walking meditation we took.  It was last year.  At the end he had turned to me and said, “I don’t know what it is.  It’s just this sense of calm that allows me to focus on whatever it is I am doing.”

At that time he was a senior executive in television sales.  I had been working with him on some issues he was dealing with. I was so taken with his words, that I asked other students if they too felt this way when they practiced Modern Meditation.  Each said, in effect, “Yes, that describes my state of mind perfectly.”

  • Focused, because they were not lost to the noise and distractions of the world.
  • Calm, because they could enjoy whatever excitement that was going on around them, without getting caught up in the madness of the moment.

Today The Focused Calm is a key element to our training.  It is part of the Simple Truth method.

You see, we do not teach meditation for meditation’s sake.  We teach Modern Meditation to provide you with the tools you need to create The Focused Calm that is right for you.  The state of mind that will help you overcome your own challenges and setbacks.  Not just to survive, but to succeed, to accomplish, to find the happy you deserve both personally and professionally.

Our method to Modern Meditation is a two-part program.  The first is a Seated Meditation Practice that builds upon traditional meditation techniques.  As its name implies, it is practice so that you can go deeper, faster in your meditation.

The second part is a Living Meditation that enables you to bring your practice into the real world you live in on every level. Together they provide you with the tools you need to overcome the challenges of today’s world and to bring your personal and professional lives together in balance.

When we first met he and I worked together on a weekly basis while he was in New York.  It took him a month to learn the basics behind Modern Meditation.

When his work took him abroad, he touched base with me when he could both by email and through Skype. He has since left the corporate world to start a business of his own.  One that leverages his experience to create a life he has only dreamed of.

It is what I call a retirement career.  Something that feeds his passion, but gives him the option to wind it down as he needs without having to sacrifice his comfort or his income.

He still maintains his Modern Meditation practice.  He also maintains The Focused Calm that is so important to his well being.

“My ability to stay focused and calm is second only to my sobriety.”  He said.  “Who knows, perhaps it is the reason for my sobriety.  Perhaps it’s the reason I can live every minute of every day simply and easily.”

I could hear his laugh over the phone.  “I don’t need what everyone else has any more.  I also don’t need that sense of nagging failure that used to crush me either.”

Namaste my friend.  Welcome to your new enlightenment.   You are now the teacher.

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  1. Nancy says:

    Sounds good to be a able to focus on what is important to you. When life gets in the way of a goal, it would be nice to bring yourself back.

  2. Hosting says:

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