@ Home Meditation Retreat

@Home Is A Wonderful Release

@Home Is Letting Go

@Home Is A Calm That Just Flows

@Home Will Change Your World


If you only have 60 minutes, you can learn to beat stress and overcome your self-doubt with a few simple meditation techniques. Let me teach you how to simplify your life in the privacy of your own home or office.


Available exclusively in New York City & the surrounding areas, this is your time to reset, re-balance, and find the focused calm you need for the journey ahead.

In just 60 Minutes, you will feel:


At Home Meditation Retreat

Fully restored & ready to go

Like you just took a very real vacation

The serene energy of mindfulness

The refined balance you want

The Focused Calm you deserve



Restore yourself as you learn to weave traditional meditation and mindfulness techniques into a fast and effective meditation practice that lay behind the Simple Truth Method to Meditation.


Relax, As We Weave

Traditional Meditation Techniques

Into One powerful Practice

You Can Use Anytime, Anywhere



See What Others Are Saying.


“It’s Like A Massage For Your Mind.”

“In The Time It Takes To Drive To a Retreat,
I Enjoyed A Private Retreat at Home.”


“I Learned To Meditate While I Was Relaxing,

Now I Have A Practice I Can Pick Up Whenever I Want.”


“Perfect for Busy New Yorkers.”

“I was skeptical at first. I’m on my third now.”

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