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Curious about meditation but never have the time to sit?  The Simple Truth Method gives you a practice that is refined for the world you live in. You can always sit for twenty minutes, you cannot always sit for five. Now you can.

    • Short, mindful exercises to fit your busy schedule
    • A balance of the Spiritual with the Material.
    • Simplify and combine your professional and personal lives in a powerful way.
    • Explore the science of spirituality on your terms.

If you want to refine your life on the physical, mental and spiritual levels, you need a meditation practice that is accepting of your needs.  One that been refined for the real world.  One that works with your life, without adding another level of stress to it. Based our of New York City, Jeff Cannon combines short Seated Meditations with a series of Mindful Moments to deliver a practice that works anytime and anywhere you need it. Modern Meditation brings you the beauty and structure of traditional meditation in a way that respects your time and your need for growth and success.

  • Learn how to reduce stress and anxiety. 
  • Learn how to change the habits that undermine your life. 
  • Find out what your simple truth is so you can get your life back on track.

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Live the Life you Were Meant to Live

This four-session course offers a comprehensive understanding of Modern Meditation in a way that you can use.  We combine real world techniques with lessons from teh sciences and the humanities to deliver an experience you can bring into your life – anytime, anywhere.  This program in Modern Meditation was created for those with little or no experience in meditation, to help you create a meditation practice you can live with.



Learn to Reprogram YOUR Life


Jeff Cannon’s Modern Meditation program is a private, one on one practice. jeff cannon meditation coach new york Sessions can be given at your home or at our studio in New York City, as well as through Skype.  You can begin at any time at a schedule that fits your pace.

From the first meeting you will learn to meditate in a structure manner to ensure you establish a powerful meditation technique with a rich and deep tradition.  You will learn to simplify these techniques into a practice you can live with.

With a foundation in traditional meditation, Jeff will provide direct coaching and counseling to guide you toward your goals.  You will be able to refine the traditional meditation practices into one that fits your needs and your life.





“No matter what you hope to get out of your meditation, I know you will find so much more. This is an in-depth program that will give you a comprehensive education on meditation, mindfulness and the brain.  Whether you just want to create a simple practice or go deeper, this is an excellent program to start.”  – Jeff Cannon



A Meditative Approach to Contemporary Issues

one on one meditation 1 Jeff understands how valuable time is.  It is why he designed this program as he did.  In your first 1 ½ hour session you will learn the basics of meditation.  You will also learn how to use that meditation in your personal and professional life. You will leave with powerful insights that you can build upon for the rest of your life.  In each session you will learn to leverage your meditation practice into your life and the world your live in.  The real world you live in.

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Imagine Being Able To:

  • Create calm and balance no matter what the world throws at you
  • Enrich your life with an authentic meditation practice you created in your first day
  • Build upon your meditation effortlessly and easily
  • Get the answers you have about meditation, mindfulness, the brain and your life.

You can have the calm and balance you want, without losing the drive and sense of accomplishment you enjoy.



Expect more, Experience More:


  • Experience an awareness shift on day 1
  • Learn to reduce stress and let go of anxiety
  • Find peace, calm and balance that you can return to.
  • Learn to override the self-destructive habits that may undermine your life
  • Gain a greater send of compassion and understanding for those around you
  • Arrive at greater clarity in your life and in your actions
  • Develop a higher sense of connectedness and consciousness to the world around you

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What you are looking for is out there.

Let me help you remove the barriers to the life you were meant to live.

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