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Based out of New York City, Modern American Monk Jeff Cannon teaches a Basic and a more Advanced program in meditation for beginners, dabblers and experienced meditators alike. He sprinkles each with a touch of neuroscience and evolutionary biology so you understand how your brain works and why meditation is so important to living your life on your terms.

Jeff’s  Basic Meditation provides you with a foundation you can use to from day one. He will show you how to access the meditative tools that are already within you, so you can live the life you were meant to live, free from the delusions and distractions that so often limit you.

Jeff also teaches a more contemporary form of meditation that will teach you to weave traditional techniques into the beautiful tapestry known as Modern Meditation. With the Simple Truth’s Approach Jeff refines the art of meditation so you can weave your practice to fit your life on your terms.

The Simple Truth Approach is not a monastic or Buddhist practice. It was not designed for people whose path means leaving society to live in a cave or on a mountain top. The Simple Truth is not about robes and incense, rites and rituals. It is about joining a community of people to share with and learn from one another in the kinship that is truly what meditation is all about.

The Simple Truth approach is for the thousands of people, like you, who want to weave a greater sense of calm and focus into their lives without having to give up everything they have worked so hard to achieve.

Modern meditation, as taught by the Simple Truth provides a richer, deeper meditation experience that is more fitting for today’s world. We encourage you to take a basic tutorial before trying our Advanced modules.  Click here to find a sample of our work in our path of Self Study.

Join us in your journey for a more personalized practice that works with you, for you, on your terms and with your life.

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The Simple Truth Method is a personal program created to help you build a meditation practice that works for the realities of your mind and your world.  Once you unlock these tools you will be able to deepen your practice that will help you resolve and overcome the delusions and distractions that have held you back from being your true self. STM will give you the tools you need to truly take a meditative approach to contemporary living.

Whether you are looking to create a life-changing transformation, generate greater understanding and compassion, or to simply bring more calm and balance into your life, the Simple Truth Method is there for you.

The Simple Truth Method is not a new type of meditation. It is a way to weave traditional meditation techniques together in a way that fits your life, so that you can overcome the hurdles life throws your way.

Once you learn the core techniques behind The Simple Truth Method, you will have the tools you need to create a meditation practice that you can depend on when you need it most.

As the survivor of nine brain surgeries, an author, a coach, a Guide for the Huffington Post and the founder of The Simple Truth Project, Jeff understands the demands of the modern world.  He knows what it is like to juggle the complex issues we all face.  He also knows how to create a life in balance with the life you want to live.

Jeff’s approach has helped countless people find balance and fulfillment in their personal and professional lives around the world.  He can do the same for you.

Jeff sees things differently than you or I.  He helped me see beyond my issues and move past them.


What I love about Mr. Cannon is that he experienced the corporate world.  He really understands what it demands of us.  His answers are not random.  They are real.


Jeff Cannon is one of the most original and inspiring of spiritual teachers.  He talks about science and spirituality in a way that work in the real world.


Jeff’s teachings are quietly profound. They deliver a grounded program that works on the physical, psychological and spiritual levels.  His work is not affiliated with, nor exclusive to, any religion or tradition.  Instead he places greater responsibility on the individual to find and follow their own Simple truth.  The result is a meditation practice that you can take off the mat and into your life.


Change your life. There is no better time than today.  Click here to see if Modern Meditation is right for you. Request a complimentary conversation with Jeff today.