Lineage in Meditation

A Lineage That Balances Traditional and Contemporary, Science and Spirituality

Many Meditation Teachers and Schools Talk About Their Lineage.  This is Ours.

Jeff Cannon has been called A Modern American Monk many times. He is an author of several books and the founder of the Simple Truth Project. He is also a leading voice in the Modern Meditation Movement.

Jeff’s lineage is the lineage of life. It is the one the Buddha spoke of, where every one and every experience is a teacher if you allow them to be. His lineage begins with a Zen practice developed through the martial arts. He refined his approach as he entered the corporate world to meet the demands of the modern world we all live in. His teaching reflect the balance we all strive to maintain in the chaos of the contemporary world.

Mr Cannon studied Zen and Mindfulness Meditation, as well as Vipassana, Samatha, Vedic and Transcendental styles of meditation. He continues to search for the threads that connect the traditional practices. In doing so he learned to weave the traditional techniques together to create the wonderful tapestry he simply calls Modern Meditation. His is a form of meditation refined for the realities of the 21st Century world we all live in.

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Jeff has been practicing meditation since the mid-1980s.

His journey began with a very formal martial arts practice decades ago.  One that led him to two revered leaders who believed the martial arts were not about fighting, but were a path to focus the mind and the body. They taught Jeff that at the core of every effective martial artist lay meditation.

Throughout his life, Jeff has searched for balance between work and play, personal and professional, spiritual and material. Like many of you, he spent half of his life pursuing simplicity, balance and enlightenment.  He spent the other half chasing the dreams so many of us follow; faster cars, larger homes, grander titles.

His path finally revealed itself to in 2009 with the discovery of seven brain tumors.  It was a rebirth as he dealt with the surgery and the recovery.  He recalls going through moments of enlightenment as it all unfolded.  Since then he counts the lineage for The Simple Truth as a combination of all the doctors and scientists, the researchers and monks who layered their wisdom onto his own Zen practice.

Without a formal school of meditation guiding his vision or a PhD formulating his thoughts, he has been free to approach meditation on his own terms, free from scripture and fixed practices.  He has studied. He has learned.  And now he shares.

As he continues to broaden his own meditation practice he continues to learn that the world we now live in does not need more of the same, it needs a new approach to living.

It is what he calls Modern Meditation – a practice that adheres to traditional teachings, weaving them into a tapestry that is more refined for the realities of the world we live in.

The Simple Truth Project honors the Simple Truth behind the Buddha’s words in a way that works with your life and the realities of the world you live in.