Mindful Management

Mindful Management

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Work-related stress has become one of the most costly liabilities of today’s office space.  It undermines productivity and worker satisfaction.  It is one of the fastest growing categories for medical claims.  It is also one of the main reasons for worker dissatisfaction.  What follows is a series of cost-effective workshops and programs designed to integrate into any wellness and leadership efforts.  They will help you turn everyday stress and distractions into productivity, satisfaction and bottom line profitability.

Jeff Cannon has spent thirty years working in the corporate world with some of the top brands.  His approach provides a modular solution at the core of which is an online library of audio and video exercises.  This provides a self-managed platform that empowers your employees to resolve their stress so that managers have more time to do just that: manage.

By combining short video workshops with a series of guided stress-reduction exercises that your people can access whenever they need to; you have a program that actually saves your time and money.  Your employees can re-balance their days and refocus on their work, and you can get back to the tasks of running your business.   The resulting program works with you, no matter what your management style is.  It brings greater balance and productivity no matter how your office is managed.

Together, this gives you a tool that will help your employees remove distractions, reduce stress, and re-focus their day with better work/life balance.

As a modular program each component can be refined to meet your specific needs.  However, as a start program components may include:

  • Individual Workshops:  30 to 90 minute workshops designed to teach your teams to:
    • Reduce stress and refocus their attention on the tasks at hand
    • Improve cooperation and intra-team communications
    • Improve worker satisfaction and appreciation
  • Day of Mindfulness Events:  Daylong programs teaching productivity techniques:
    • Allows your employees to filter through selected sessions
    • Enables team-building events
    • Provide a fun and interesting program to boost morale & teamwork
  • Mindful Moment Audio Files:
    • Guided relaxation and mindfulness techniques designed specifically for the professional environments in 3 to 20 minute lengths.
    • Designed for direct employee access and as a self-administered solution
  • Executive Training:
    • One-on-one executive level mindfulness training to reduce stress and increase focus
    • Mindful management to improve office relations and reduce managerial issues
    • Work/Life Balance programs to improve satisfaction