Mindful Eating



There are many paths

to enlightenment

Mindful Eating

is one of them


Every meal can be a purifying experience

to set you free on every level.


Shed the weight you have carried

for far too long and

fill your body, mind, and spirit

with clean, abundant, healthy food.


Cleanse, Caloric Restriction, & Nutritional Re-Balancing

Come To The Table With Love In Your Heart,

We Offer Mindful Eating to You With the Love in Ours.


Sit at your table alone or in community, gather with family and friends, experience grace and wellness throughout your being. Eat mindfully and feel what it is to be weightless as you step onto your path to enlightenment. It is our gift to help you enjoy every bite food on a deeper level.

Experience what it is like to break bread on a new level with Mindful Eating. It will purify, nourish and guide you to re-balance your life with every bite.

Mindful Eating removes the toxins from your life, to create a healthier, happier, more balanced you. Let every meal open the door to the meditative life that awaits you. Bring calm and balance into every breath you take at every snack and every meal.


Mindful Eating:

    • Is a complete program that begins with this simple book. More than 30 easy to follow recipes, step-by-step guide to practice mindful eating at your desk, on the go, or surrounded by friends at the table.
    • Will help you transcend so that you can look and feel your best.
    • Teaches you to be aware of the food you eat. When you remove the toxins from the food you eat, you learn to do the same with the people you meet, the work you do, and the life you live.
    • Is your guide to shedding weight and cleansing your body through intermittent caloric restrictions.
    • Is the first step on your path to enlightenment.


Mindful Eating book cover

It’s time to fall in love

with your mind, 

your body,

and your life

all over again.



As you cleanse your body

Your mind clears

As your mind clears

Your spirit lightens

And you transcend

“This changed my life. Meals are now a meditation. I lost twenty pounds, and I gained greater deep insight I never realized was there. Thank you.”