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Jeff Cannon is more than a teacher of meditation. He is a guide who will help you simplify your life – personally and professionally.  

He can helping you remove the things that no longer bring you joy, so that you have more time to spend cultivating family and friends, and creating a community that supports your authentic self. 

Isn’t this what you want to develop within you and around you? It is time to live the life you were meant to live; personally, professionally, successfully.  [716 226 8292]  [].

Jeff leverages the benefits of Modern Meditation in his work so that you can find the balance you need on the physical, mental and spiritual levels.

Jeff started the Simple Truth Project in New York City as a way to apply traditional meditation practices to the 24/7 world you live in.  His work will help you create a foundation of calm from which to peel back the layers that prevent you from being the person you were meant to be.

His approach combines Western Science and Eastern Philosophy into a powerful practice.  The tools he teaches will help you overcome the habits that have undermined your success and your happiness in the past.

Based on traditional meditation practices and refined with neuroscience, his teachings are refined for the modern world you live in.


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Modern Meditation Works With Your Life

It was Einstein who said “strive to make things as simple as possible, but no simpler.”  It was the Buddha who taught us how to meditate and gave us instructions for removing pain from our lives.  Those are the ideas that The Simple Truth Project was founded on.Life coach for happiness

Jeff’s approach to Modern Meditation will help you get your feet back on solid ground.  They will find your place in the world and in the Universe so that you can become the person you were meant to be.

You can get rid of the doubt.  You can quiet the voice that undermines your happiness.  You can find that resource of energy within you.  You can create the life you want.  The life that is within you.


Remove Your Distractions & Balance Slow It All Down

strategy for happinessJeff will work with you directly to remove the distractions that undermine your life.  His work will help you create positive transformations on the personal and professional levels.  He has empowered people just like you to turn things around and live the life you were meant to live.

His proprietary teachings help others override the habits and auto-responses that undermine their success and happiness.   So why not create a road map for balancing your life, your career and your relationships to deliver the happiness you deserve.


I would love to learn Modern Meditation.


Inner Growth, Outer Expansion

Whether you simply want to learn to meditate, or to transform your relationship with the world around you, Jeff will help you create a life filled with passion and drive, a life you will love no matter what the world throws at you.  Supported with modern meditation techniques, Jeff will help you create the difference you want to see in your world.


Visit him in his New York studio, or join him online.

Simply call or email to set up a free consultation at  [716 226 8292]  [].


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