Learn Modern Meditation

It is time to find the calm and balance of Modern Meditation.


Group Meditation WorkshopsWhether you are just exploring meditation, starting a practice, or seeking to broaden an existing one, Modern Meditation is a wonderful way to leverage the beauty of meditation in the modern world your live in.  It was refined to account for too little time and too much stress.  It will help you physically, mentally and spiritually transcend your life and the world you live in.

  • Need to balance the physical, psychological and spiritual?
  • Need to bring balance to your professional and personal lives?
  • Need a bit more spirituality, but without having to give up what you’ve worked so hard for?

This program meets just one day a week for ninety minutes.  In just four weeks you will have a practice for life.  After the first 90 minute session you will learn to reduce stress and remove the blocks that prevent you from being YOU.  With each week you will deepen your  practice to take you further than you thought possible.

Based in New York City, Jeff Cannon delivers a formal meditation practice that has been layered with Mindful Moments to give you the serenity you need anytime and anywhere you need it.  You will also learn to journey into your consciousness to explore on a higher level.



Learn to Channel Your Energy


Namaste NY MeditationJeff Cannon’s teachings are held in private one on one sessions.  These can take place at your home or office, in his New York studio or via Skype so that you can develop a practice that is right for the realities of your life.

With a foundation in traditional meditation, Jeff will provide direct coaching and counseling to guide you toward your goals.  You will be able to refine the traditional meditation practices into one that fits your needs and your life.


No matter what you hope to get out of meditation, I know you will find so much more.

This is an in-depth program that will give you a comprehensive education on meditation, mindfulness and the brain.  Whether you just want to create a simple practice or go deeper, this is an excellent program to start


Expect More:

Private coaching meditation

Jeff understands how valuable your time is.  It is why he designed his program as he did.  In your first 1 ½ hour session you will learn to meditate.  You will also learn how to use that meditation across all aspects of your personal and professional life.

You will leave with powerful insights that you can build upon for the rest of your life.  In each session you will learn to leverage your meditation practice into your life and the world your live in.  The real world you live in.


  • Experience a shift in your awareness on day 1
  • Learn to reduce stress and let go of anxiety
  • Find peace, calm and balance that you can return to.
  • Learn to override the self-destructive habits that may undermine your life
  • Gain a greater send of compassion and understanding for those around you
  • Arrive at greater clarity in your life and in your actions
  • Develop a higher sense of connectedness and consciousness to the world around you 


What you are looking for is out there.

Let me help you find it.


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