• “There is the Truth and There is Everything Else.
    Truths Simplify Your Life, Non-Truths Complicate It.
    You Have The Wisdom To Know The Difference.”
    – J. Cannon

You are an individual who meditates.

Whether you are a beginner, a dabbler, or an experienced master, you are different from anyone else. The idea that one style of meditation will match your needs throughout your life is simply not realistic. Why make your world more complicated than it already is?

With Modern Meditation’s advanced programs you can become the person you were born to be on every level – physically, mentally and spiritually. The simple truth is that much of your suffering and unhappiness comes from having lost your way. It is time to find your way back to your path with meditation as your foothold.

We are a community that guides.

We are a Sangha of like minded people who come together to explore our meditation in community. We know that alone none of us has all the answers, but together we will find them. We trust in each other as our journeys unfold and become one.

Meditation is a journey – make it yours.

Take a step in any direction and it will be the right one. That first step will open your heart and your eyes to new discoveries. Some may be in your comfort zone, some may not. Follow your gut, push up against your boundaries from time to time and allow yourself to be comfortable in the not knowing. You will quickly learn to weave your own path by trying everything and refining your journey with every step you take.

We offer a number of paths to guide you along. As you grow you will discover what works for you and what doesn’t. There are no mistakes, there are only lessons to learn. Weave those that resonate with you into a practice that you can call your own, on your terms.

This is what we mean when we talk about weaving traditional techniques into a practice that works for you – your practice of Modern Meditation.

“Strive to Make Things As Simple As Possible and No Simpler.” – A. Einstein


Cultivate the simplicity that is the foundation of your Simple Truth.

Jeff has worked with hundreds of people and has learned that simplicity is at the core to living a happy, rewarding, and successful life.

It is why we are the Simple Truth.


Live your life richly & deeply: apologetically, authentically you.

There is a lot of noise in today’s world, but few truths. Wisdom is your ability to tell the difference.


There are many perceptions in this world but only one truth, and that is your Truth. Recognizing your truth is recognizing that everyone has their own Truth. It also means accepting everyone else’s Truths are just as valid as yours. When you can do this you can live in community and kinship with the people around you and the world around you.

Jeff has been practicing meditation since the mid-1980s. His journey began with a very formal martial arts practice decades ago. One that led him to two revered leaders who believed the martial arts were not about fighting, but were a path to focus the mind and the body. They taught Jeff that at the core of every effective martial artist lay meditation.

Throughout his life, Jeff has searched for balance between work and play, personal and professional, spiritual and material. Like many of you, he spent half of his life pursuing simplicity, balance and enlightenment. He spent the other half chasing the dreams so many of us follow; faster cars, larger homes, grander titles. His path finally revealed itself to in 2009 with the discovery of seven brain tumors. It was a rebirth as he dealt with the surgery and the recovery. He recalls going through moments of enlightenment as it all unfolded. Since then he counts the lineage for The Simple Truth as a combination of all the doctors and scientists, the researchers and monks who layered their wisdom onto his own Zen practice.

Without a formal school of meditation guiding his vision or a PhD formulating his thoughts, he has been free to approach meditation on his own terms, free from scripture and fixed practices. He has studied. He has learned. And now he shares.

As he continues to broaden his own meditation practice he continues to learn that the world we now live in does not need more of the same, it needs a new approach to living.

It is what he calls Modern Meditation – a practice that adheres to traditional teachings, weaving them into a tapestry that is more refined for the realities of the world we live in.

The Simple Truth Project honors the Simple Truth behind the Buddha’s words in a way that works with your life and the realities of the world you live in.

Just starting a meditation practice?

Looking to deepen an existing one?

See how Jeff can help you live your fullest life.