• “It is found in getting rid of everything that does not support your Simple Truth – in whatever form that takes for you."

When you remove the objects, the attachments and the people that do not support your hopes and dreams, you create a life that is truly, authentically, 100% yours; and that is a beautiful life. That is a life in balance. The people who have done this have found the happiness they want. They have learned what Jeff learned, that once you remove the distractions that undermine your life, you open yourself up to a world of opportunity that just keeps unrolling in front of you.

The essence of our work will help you follow your dreams based on your own Simple Truth.

The moment you become aware of who you are, of your own Simple Truth, you will experience a moment of personal enlightenment. That is the moment you discover your own path. That is also the moment you will find that you are a lot closer to your goals than you ever thought possible.

Meditation is not the only answer, but it is the key along the path to your awakening. It allows you to remove the distractions in your life so that you can discover and pursue your own Simple Truth. When you become aware of your authentic self you become aware of. your path to follow.

This is the art of simplicity that Jeff teaches. A simplicity that does not mean getting rid of everything you worked so hard for. But a simplicity that removes those things that weigh you down physically, mentally and spiritually. This is how to bring your life into balance; by removing the clutter that prevents you from being you.

When you feel as if you are being held back from yourself, when you feel as if you are not being authentic to who you are, know that you are not alone. You simply need to find your way back to your own Simple Truth, and there is no time like the present to do this.