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The Simple Truth is a school of thought. This is not therapy and we are not therapists. However, we can teach you to live a more Meditative and mindful Life through Modern Meditation.

Our mission is to give you the tools you need to overcome the realities of the contemporary world you live in. Our one goal is to help you unify your body, mind and spirit to support your own simple truth.

We will teach you a meditative approach to living so that you can cultivate the kind of community and kinship you need to truly live vibrantly. Learn to win more time with family and friends and enjoy all the wonderful things you have worked so hard to attain.

Led by Jeff Cannon, the Simple Truth Project is based in New York City. It is a place to learn, to practice and to broaden your life with a thoroughly Modern approach to Meditation. Ours is a contemporary form of meditation with a very traditional lineage so you can be the person you were meant to be all along.


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At the Simple Truth Project we teach a contemporary approach to developing a meditation practice that works for you. One that will help you overcome the issues you face every day. The issues of the 21st Century world you live in. Our approach teaches you to weave traditional meditation techniques into the beautiful tapestry we call Modern Meditation.

Modern Meditation is a powerful practice that is refined for the world you live in every day.

The Buddha introduced his own form of Modern Meditation almost 2,500 years ago. It was right for the issues of that world, but not for this one. He taught his students to question everything and accept nothing at face value. This is precisely what Modern American Monk Jeff Cannon is doing with The Simple Truth Project as he echoes those sensibilities.

Jeff’s journey taught him that traditional meditation practices simply do not fit into the realities of today’s world. The beauty of meditation is that it can still help you transcend the issues you face. It will rise above the rites and rituals, the scandals and Guru worship that run through more traditional lineages.

Meditation is a powerful tool that will fit into your life on YOUR terms. You simply need to find the right teacher to show you how.
Jeff created The Simple Truth Project as a school that weaves traditional meditation and mindfulness in a simple and honest way to help you overcome the concerns that did not exist when traditional meditation first took hold.

It is why our students speak of The Focused Calm – that feeling of detached awareness you will come to know as you travel through the world free of the distractions, stress and self doubt that plagues so many.

For many meditating for meditation’s sake can be a waste of energy. Learn to weave meditation techniques together to create a transformational force in your life.
Love, success, happiness, a sense of accomplishment, spirituality; it is all possible. We can help you take your meditation to the next level with a simple and honest approach so that you can let go of the issues that hold you back from being your best. As you will learn you can live YOUR life YOUR way; with Jeff Cannon and the Simple Truth Project it is easier than you think.