Simple Truth Logo: The Meditating Cairn

Cairns have been around since modern humans first walked the earth.  They range from simple piles of stones to elaborate monoliths with unknown meanings.

For The Simple Truth cairns are a familiar way to show that the path you are on is a good one, that the way is clear, that someone has walked this way before.  The cairn is our way to give you comfort,  as they do all over the world, from mountains and highlands, to deserted beaches and inland waterways.

Join us at the Simple Truth Project, so that we may walk beside you.

The more you become aware of them, the more you will see them throughout your day.  You will see that some were made by our ancestors and predate history, while others were made more recently by mountain bikers to mark present day trails.

Some edifices are in the shape of buildings or people.  Ours is in the shape of a person sitting in meditation.  Ours shows both the way, and the method.  We hope this will remind you that you are not alone on your journey,  that someone else has asked the same questions and has sought the same answers.

Our cairn is why we give students symbolic stones when they complete a step in their personal journey.  So that in time you can build your own cairn and show others that the journey they are on is a good one and to stay on their path wherever it may lead.


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