Modern Meditation: The Focused Calm

Modern Meditation:  The Focused Calm.

Simple Truth Logo 200 wideThe Focused Calm is a term our students use to describe the sense of balance, calm and focus they discover when practicing the STMThey see the sense of well being as an advantage in the 24/7 world we now live in.

Focus: the ability to pursue goals and celebrate life’s accomplishments without getting caught up in its chaos.

Calm: the ability to address issues with a sense of detachment enabling you to make the right decisions no matter what issues arise.

As some students describe it, The Focused Calm is a state of mind achieved through Modern Meditation. It is what it happens when you take your meditation off of your seat and bring it into your life on every level. It is a step toward transcending the human experience to see life from the outside.

As Jeff will tell you, Modern Meditation is not about escaping the realities of life.  It is about embracing life for better and for worse.  It is about experiencing all that life has to offer without getting caught up in the madness of the situation before you.

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 Jeff Cannon teaches individuals and groups how to achieve The Focused Calm out of his New York studio, as well as in events and workshops across the country, and through his custom online programs.  All through the auspices of The Simple Truth Project.

The Focused Calm will empower you with a calm sense of abiding, free from distractions and the self-doubt that have undermined your best efforts in the past. Modern Meditation will help you face all of life’s challenges – personally and professionally – with a sense of purpose that you are probably missing now.

As Jeff often says, “Only when you understand how your brain can work against your mind, can you train it to work with your mind.” When that happens you can turn 100% of your thoughts and your energy to overcome the problems at hand, rather than being swallowed up by them. This is the difference between living your life, your way, and living it by the whims of the people and the world around you.

It is Jeff’s ability to augment the proven powers of meditation with the research of neuroscience that makes Jeff’s approach so effective.

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