• There are many paths to enlightenment, which is yours?
    No path is better or worse, right or wrong.
    Each is simply a different way to reach the same destination.


We created a wide range of options that allow you to reflect and the one that is right for you. We also offer walking meditations in NYC for those who prefer to move in the great outdoors.

There are:

  • One-on-One mindful life coaching sessions directly with Jeff Cannon
  • Small group meditations for those who embrace the energy and intimacy of a private sangha.
  • One-on-one life coaching that builds upon a foundation of meditation to help people overcome their own challenges.
  • Executive and small business programs to help HR create the platforms for employees to excel.
  • Even a self study program for those who prefer to walk their own path with the ability to reach when they need.

Now is the time to bring meditation into your life on your terms for a richer, deeper, more lasting meditation experience.

It’s time.

With The Simple Truth Method, you will learn to weave traditional meditation techniques together to create a practice that works on your terms no matter where you want to go. Through personal, one-on-one attention you will learn how to create a meditative foundation from which to examine your life and create a new life that works for your here and now. Our approach should not be mistaken for psychotherapy. It is simply a method of self examination so you can remove the emotions you continue to carry with you to transition your life into the life you have always wanted to live.

After all, it is your life, why not start living it your way, today?

Learn More About Private Coaching

Whether in person, at our New York Studio, or online, we will teach you the five core techniques behind The Simple Truth Method. We will then teach you how to weave them into a Meditation Practice that you can live with. We give you the tools you need attain The Focused Calm by working directly with you as an individual, to help you remove the stress and distractions from your life so that you can find the strength, stability and clarity you need to be your best.

In just one meeting Jeff will teach you the five core elements behind The Simple Truth Method. He will then help you personalize them into a practice that works with your life and your Simple Truth. In this way you will forever have a meditation program you can rely on and that will help you navigate the realities of your world. Regardless of where your journey takes you, he will help you find the best path to get there.

It is not always enough to simply experience your journey. You should enjoy it, every step of the way. Learning how to meditate is one thing. Learning how to create a Personal Practice that works with your life is another entirely.

The Simple Truth Method gives you the tools you need and teaches you how to use them. It is not a new form of meditation, it is a new way to practice meditation as a foundation for your life.

Learn how to make the changes you need in your life so that you can create the life you want. You will be surprised how easy it is to do this with The Simple Truth Method – often through the little choices you make every day without even thinking about them.

Our approach works for anyone who is wants more from life. Whether that means family, career, peace of mind, or simply clarity in where you are going, if you want to create a paradigm shift or simply want to have more control over where your are heading, Jeff’s work can help you overcome the modern world with The Focused Calm.

Jeff does not change who you are, He helps you become who you were meant to be.

There is a point in everyone’s life when it just makes sense to broaden your personal meditation experience to include others. We created small-group program to help you explore your needs by joining or creating a community of those you trust intimately.

With a one-time workshop or an ongoing series of events, you can create your own sangha within which to learn, grow and flourish. From our walking meditations to more personal and intimate settings we are happy to work with you to ensure your needs are met.

When you learn how others have transformed their lives, you will begin to see how well Modern Meditation can work on your terms. Transforming your life starts with a moment of personal enlightenment. Very often these moments only occur after a spark of inspiration is touched through a shared experience.

Learn More About Group Workshops

Sometimes it takes the inspiration of a group to reveal your path.

Every Tuesday this summer Jeff will lead a Silent Walking Meditation along New York City’s Hudson River Park. This event is FREE and open to all.

Jeff begins at 7:00pm in the Stone Field art installation where 24th Street meets the Hudson River with a calming breath before and a short contemplation after. He will then lead you on a 30 minute silent walk through the grassy park of Pier 63 where the sounds of the city fade into the sounds of waves and birds. With every step you will feel yourself migrate further into nature until your meditation opens to the world.

You can quietly stop at any time. So even if you do not have 30 minutes, this will remain the perfect way to start a stress-free week. All you have to do is Step, Breathe in the natural surroundings, Step, Watch the sunset, Step, and reflect on the calm escape you are a part of.

This is an amazing experience created for those in and around New York City. This is your time to relax, re-balance, and open up to the calm that awaits you in the Hudson River Park.

Join us and follow the sun as each sunset marks the subtle shift of time as we move through summer.

One of the greatest experiences of Jeff’s life was the time he spent in the corporate world.  It may not have been the most pleasant, but it a powerful practice of learning.

Unlike so many others, he understands the demands of the business world. He understands that the right line work is a career for many providing an opportunity rather than prison sentence.  He knows that a positive business culture not only creates greater productivity but shifts the attention of your team in the direction you need them to go.

Now is the time to reduce fiefdoms and create a team that works together as a team rather than competes against each other undermining your best efforts.

Learn More About Executive Workshops

Jeff works with entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 companies, and their core executives to remove the distractions that can undermine the very culture that makes them successful. He can teach teams to perform more effectively and with less stress, so that their actions truly reflect the core values you deem most important. He can help you build a strong culture with self-managing teams that run themselves.

People are not the most important part of your business. The right people, in the right places are.

Jeff’s approach to developing an effective corporate culture is a enterprise-level program that will improve the effectiveness of your teams and of your organization. He combines more than 25 years of experience working with some of the top organizations in the country together with the lessons learned while writing Leadership Lessons of the Navy SEALs and The Simple Truth: Meditation for the Modern World.

Jeff works with small, medium and large business to create empowered teams that continue to grow their bottom line and expand productivity with greater job satisfaction. His philosophy of mindful management and team cooperation helps to tear down corporate silos and remove barriers to success and the self-defeating business practices that can undermine even the most experienced manager.

Jeff’s approach combines the latest findings in neural- and behavioral sciences to help both management and employees to build an empowered and collaborative workforce. The result is a self-managing team with reduced friction that is better able to manage the day-to-day decisions of your business so that your executive team is able to take your business to the next level.

Explore some of Jeff’s classes and workshops, or reach out to create a program just for you and the issues your business may face

Just starting a meditation practice?

Looking to deepen an existing one?

View the many paths Jeff offers to help you live a more fulfilled life.