Philosophy – Simplicity, Wisdom & Truth

“Strive to Make Things As Simple As Possible and No Simpler.” – A. Einstein –

“There is the Truth and There is Everything Else.

Truths Simplify Your Life, Non-Truths Complicate It.

You Have The Wisdom To Know The Difference.” – J. Cannon –

You are an individual who meditates.

Whether you are a beginner, a dabbler, or an experienced master, you are different from anyone else. The idea that one style of meditation will match your needs throughout your life is simply not realistic. Your world is far complicated enough. Why make it more so? We are here to help you become the person you want to be on every level – physically, mentally and spiritually. We use Modern Meditation upon which to refine the person you are into the person you want to be. The simple truth is that much of your suffering and unhappiness comes from having lost your way, and now is the time to find your way back to your path with meditation as your foothold.


We are a community that guides

We are a sangha of like minded people. We have come together to explore meditation in kinship and community. None of us has all the answers. We are trusting in each other as our journeys unfold and become one.


Meditation is a journey – make it yours.

Take a step in any direction. That first step will never lead in the wrong direction. Every step after will open your heart and your eyes to new discoveries. Some may be in your comfort zone, some may not. Follow your gut, nudge your boundaries from time to time, and weave your own path by trying everything and refining your journey as you move forward.

We offer a number of paths for you to start your journey on. As you grow you will discover what works for you and what doesn’t. There are no mistakes, there are only lessons to learn. Weave those that resonate with you into a practice that you can call your own; one that works for you, on your terms.

This is what we mean when we talk about weaving traditional techniques into a practice that works for you, a practice known as Modern Meditation.

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Meditation without the smells & bells.

If you prefer the formalities of a traditional Buddhist Zen Center, studio, or temple The Simple Truth Project is probably not for you. We made a very conscious decision that the flowing robes, smells, bells and chimes are simply not for us. Neither is reading scripture and chanting traditional Buddhist sutras. Our focus is on applying traditional meditation techniques to help you overcome the very real issues you will face in the modern world you live in.

We are happy to recommend a number of lineages and locations where you can find traditional Dharma talks and services, we just prefer to teach what the Buddha taught, rather than what has been handed down from monk to monk for thousands of years, complicating the purity of the Buddha’s teachings with generations of monks attempting to follow his words.

Simply put, we believe in you and in the wisdom you carry with you. For us it is all right there, within you, you simply need a teacher who can help you discover what is inside. By weaving a meditation practice that works for you, we know you will discover what you already know.


There is really nothing to stand in your way of being the person

you have always been meant to be.


Through his journey Jeff found that we do not need a new form of meditation. We simply need to weave traditional techniques together in a way that works for the world that each of us has created. The tapestry he learned to weave is not only beautiful, it is the first step toward Modern Meditation.


Simple Truth Approach

Below are the basic tenets behind our approach to meditation in the modern world we all live in:


The more you explore The Simple Truth’s approach to Meditation, the more you will discover that living the life you were meant to live is about uncovering your own Simple Truth. When you do, you will find the path you were meant to be on all along. You will also wonder how you ever got as lost as you did.

You will also find that happiness, success and fulfillment are just a matter of simplifying your life based on your own Simple Truth. To rid yourself of the distractions that continue to pull yourself away from who you truly are.

When you follow your own Simple Truth, you will not be able to help but release The Authentic Self that has always been there all along. It always will be. And yes, The Simple Truth Method to Meditation is the best tool to get you there.

Reach out when you are ready.  We are here to help on every level – mind, body, spirit.

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