Philosophy – Simple Truth Method

“Strive to Make Things As Simple As Possible and No Simpler.” – A. Einstein –

“There is the Truth and There is Everything Else.  The Truth Simplifies Life. Non-truths complicate it.” – J. Cannon –

Your world is complicated, but it does not need to be. The Simple Truth Method is based on two concepts, Simplicity and the Truth. Your perspective constantly changes based on what is going on around you. It is activated by the 24/7 media you cannot shut off. If you want to find peace, begin by limiting your intake to simplify the world and seeking the truth behind everything you see, hear, read, and speak about.

When something happens on the other side of the world you do not need to jump to find out what it is. You can take your time to explore it. Sadly that is not the way we are wired. This is why you live in such a constant state of stress and distraction. This is why you so often feel as if you are no longer in control. This is also why it is so important to refine the practice of meditation so that it fits with the realities of your world.

When Jeff Cannon begin searching for his own Simple Truth, he did so with one foot in the sciences and the other in the humanities. He understood that if we are to use meditation to resolve the issues we all face then it must be a contemporary approach to ensure it works with the realities of the world we live in, not in the world of 2,500 years ago.

In his travels Jeff found that we do not need a new form of meditation. We simply need to learn to weave traditional techniques together in a way that works for the world that each of us has created. The tapestry he learned to weave is not only beautiful, it is the first step toward Modern Meditation.

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These are the basic tenets behind The Simple Truth Method:

The more you explore The Simple Truth Method to Meditation, the more you will discover that living the life you were meant to live is about uncovering your own Simple Truth. When you do, you will find the path you were meant to be on all along. You will also wonder how you ever got as lost as you did.

You will also find that happiness, success and fulfillment are just a matter of simplifying your life based on your own Simple Truth. To rid yourself of the distractions that continue to pull yourself away from who you truly are.

When you follow your own Simple Truth, you will not be able to help but release The Authentic Self that has always been there all along. It always will be. And yes, The Simple Truth Method to Meditation is the best tool to get you there.

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