Meditation Paths & Programs

1 Approach, Endless Possibilities

Namaste NY Meditation

There are many paths to enlightenment.

Which one is yours?


None are better or worse, none are right or wrong, they are simply different ways to reach the same destination.

We created a range of options for you to explore the one that is right for you. We offer walking meditations in NYC for those who prefer to move in the great outdoors, there are small group meditations for those who embrace the energy and intimacy of a private sangha. There is one-on-one life coaching that builds upon a foundation of meditation to help people overcome their own challenges, even a self  study program for those who prefer to walk their own path with the ability to reach out from time to time.

Bring Meditation into your Life, on your terms for a richer, deeper, more lasting meditation experience.
Modern Meditataion is not a monastic practice. It was not designed for people who wish to detach from society. Modern Meditation weaves traditional techniques together, so that you can enjoy your life, on your terms in a calmer, gentler, more balanced way.  

The Simple Truth Project is here for you, on your terms, to help you settle into your own meditation practice. We are a non-ecumenical group that does not follow any fixed faith – Buddhist Christian, Muslim, Judaism – we simply want to provide you with a practice you can take with you to strengthen your own faith practice and become the best person you can be. Meditation_Programs

While we do ask that you enjoy in a Basic Meditation session, we do not ask you to make a commitment. We want to give you a foundation from which to enjoy the gifts our advanced sessions can provide to meet your individual needs.

In your first session you will learn to meditate – sometimes that is enough. After this we encourage you to proceed on your own and in whatever way you think best. We simply want to open the door to help you choose the best path for you to travel on.

Advanced Programs for Personal Growth & Development


Your Strategy for Happiness

Happiness is not a cloud you walk into. It is the result of bringing seven aspects of your life into balance through meditation.

We know everybody is different. If you are like some, work is a fulfilling part of your DNA. It gives you a feeling of accomplishment and provides the security of knowing you will be taken care of in your later years. Your Simple Truth means creating that balance between your personal and professional needs that make sense.

We can help create a path to simplify your life for the happiness you deserve so that you can create a life that fits your own Truth to enjoy a richer, deeper and more rewarding life that works for you. 

This program incorporates meditation, one on one discussions, as well as a series of self-explorations so that you can identify the most important areas of your life and design a map that leads to your fulfillment long after the sessions stop.   

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Find Your Balance

You do not have to burn yourself out to want more balance in your life. You simply need to be a human in the modern world.

What follows is a mindful approach to creating the balance you need in your life. We will help you discover your own Simple Truth. In this short program, we will also teach you how to stay true to it.
Learn to overcome the self-defeating habits and limiting beliefs that keep you from being your best. Erase the fear that may be holding you back from your dreams, and bypass the ego that drives you to make the wrong choices every time.
It is time to find your balance in a new and limitless belief system.


Simplify and Thrive - Your Authentic Self

No matter what you do life is complicated, but it doesn’t have to be.

Learn to simplify your life without making it too simple. Do this by removing all those things that do not support your authentic self. You will see that simplifying does not mean getting rid of everything you have worked so hard to attain.  It means removing those things that are not true to who you are.

Once you learn to do this, you will take the biggest step you have ever taken, no matter where you are in life.  

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Step to Enlightenment - A Spiritual Journey

This is an advanced program for beginners and experienced practitioners alike.  

Based on Jeff’s book, The Conversation: Your Guide to Transcendence, this program is created for those who want to take your meditation practice to the next level.

It will help you expand your awareness and engage your consciousness so that you can recognize and grow as you begin to recognize the moments of enlightenment that happen every day – often without your even being aware of them.    

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Programs for Entrepreneurs & Executives


Reduce Stress - The Focused Calm

The Focused Calm is a term our students use to describe the feeling they enjoy throughout their day. It is that moment of clarity they feel as they detach from the madness of the world without feeling the need to participate.

The Focused Calm enables practitioners to win back hours every day when they stop pursuing the distractions that so often undermine their best efforts.

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Effective Ideation & Brainstorming

Your greatest assets are not the people working with you, it is their ability to deliver ideas and a high level of productivity everyday. Boost their output, and you improve your bottom line while increasing their job satisfaction. This Self-Managed program will help you do just that, meditatively and mindfully.

At the center of our Mindful Management program is a series of techniques that will improve the output of your best people while providing your employees the tools they need to reduce stress and truly focus their efforts when you most need them to. It is a win/win no matter how you view it.

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Creating An Effective Corporate Culture

At some point every entrepreneur looks at their business and wonders why the business they ended up with is not the one they want to run.

Designed for today’s entrepreneur, this program helps you identify and create the business you actually want to run in a profitable manner. We help you make sure you have the right people in the right places, and that those people are empowered to deliver. Learn More