Professional Transformation

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There is nothing wrong with wanting more.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying your work.  There is nothing wrong with wanting to be fulfilled in everything that you do.  It’s time to learn how to realize the potential that is already inside you.


Reach your goals without sacrificing your life.

There is nothing wrong with being driven.  Finding value in your work and in your success is one of life’s rewards.  In gaining greater insight you can start to enjoy all that you have worked to create in your life with the balance you deserve.

Jeff’s approach to Modern Meditation is designed for the realities of the 24/7, 21st Century world we all live in.  You might be surprised with the caliber of people he works with.  They head brands.  They run companies.  They come from corporations and start-ups.  They are just like you.  They live richer, deeper lives that balance work and play, while being actively engaged in everything they do.


Deeper Relationships

In just weeks, Jeff can help you create a deeper relationship with those you want in your life.  He can help you develop a richer professional life than you currently have, and a clearer path to the success you deserve.


10 Minutes a Day

One practice will take as little as ten minutes a day to provide you with calm and inner stillness as well as greater focus and sharper awareness.  Another will help you focus, to maintain your edge with greater energy and concentration for your own growth.

Click here to see a sample of classes and workshops that may interest you.  Or reach out to Jeff directly for a free and easy consultation.


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