Meditation Workshops & Small Gatherings

Gain a new perspective to steer your life in the direction you want it to go.
Group Meditation Workshops There is a point in everyone’s life when it just makes sense to broaden your personal meditation experience to include others.

We created small-group program to help you explore your needs by joining or creating a community of those you trust intimately.

With a one-time workshop or an ongoing series of events, you can create your own sangha within which to learn, grow and flourish. From our walking meditations to more personal and intimate settings we are happy to work with you to ensure your needs are met.

When you learn how others have transformed their lives, you will begin to see how well Modern Meditation can work on your terms.

Transforming your life starts with a moment of personal enlightenment. Very often these moments only occur after a spark of inspiration is touched through a shared experience.

Jeff conducts workshops in studios across the country.  From Guided Meditations to the individualized Dharmalogues he creates for special occasions, Jeff will help you deepen your practice and turn a second of doubt into a moment of inspiration.
Sometimes it takes the inspiration of a group to reveal your path.

Whether the change you seek is personal or public, with your health, or your career, we can help you grow your practice or help you celebrate no matter where you are.  We can help you manage that voice inside your head so that the world stops spinning quite so fast and allows you to be you.

Our programs usually combine guided meditations, with talks and open dialogues. You never know quite what will happen, but know that it will happen for you.



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