Little Book of Simple Truths

Perfect for Mindful Giving.


Jeff Cannon’s new book – The Little Book of Simple Truths is filled with 125+ inspired thoughts.


The Little Book of Simple Truths it is the perfect gift for any season.


It has been described as a source of hope and calm, a guide to finding balance no matter what the world throws at you.




“It’s not a book, it’s an escape!”


“A beautifully crafted experience that leaves you smiling.”


“Every day is a great message to wake up to.  I keep it by my bed to do just that.”


“The typography forces you to take your time.  You don’t just read, YOU understand.  It’s magic.”



Jeff Cannon’s newest release, The Little Book of Simple Truths is more than a book.  It is a reading experience that will inspire, empower and awaken your spirit and soul every day with more than 259 pages and more than 125 quotes from author, founder and meditation Guru Jeff Cannon’s teachings.  Each page is a work of typographic art, giving you the words in a new and exciting way:












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