Over the years our founder Jeff Cannon has touched thousands of people from all walks of life through his teachings. His approach to Modern Meditation and Mindfulness removes the mystery so many people find with a traditional approach. His is a practice you can quickly apply to your life in a practical way every day.

Jeff brings no arcane rituals or rites to your practice. There are no scriptures held over your head. There is simply a blend of science and spirituality that makes sense in the 21st Century world you live in. Again and again we hear that Jeff has removed thousands of years of clutter from the original teachings of the Buddha that can prevent you from removing the delusions we all create in our lives that prevent us from being our best – physically, mentally and spiritually.

If you have a question about meditation, mindfulness, the Dharma or how to weave these practices into your life, please feel free to reach out to Jeff directly at our contact page.

These videos are examples of his teachings. They include coverage of his Meditation Tutorials, his own take on the Dharma through his Dharmalogues, as well as a sampling of Past Meditation Workshops and Events. No hype, no music, just simple programs to help you live deeper, richer and simpler no matter what your level of experience.

Tutorials for Beginner and Experienced Meditators Alike


Basic Meditation Tutorial


Relax, It’s Just Meditation

An Effective Breath

Practice The Middle Way

See Where You Can Go With Modern Meditation


Managing Stress

Work/Life Balance


Sample The Simple Truth Experience Through Our Past Workshops


Simply Meditation @ Om Yoga

Garden Dharmalogue @ The Cell Theater

The Simple Truth Experience @ NYPL

NY Meditation – Your Authentic Self

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