The Focused Calm

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The Focused Calm is a term our students use for their ability to glide through their day, aware of the madness going on around them without feeling the need to participate in it.

The Focused Calm in one our method create a Living Meditation with very real benefits. It provides students with a way to constantly be aware and to reset themselves as their day unravels. The real benefit is not losing hours every day to the distractions of the world around you. What they do with those hours gained are up to them.

We have watched our students as they invest their new-found time professionally to complete old tasks or to find new opportunities. They have used them personally, to deepen their connection with family and friends. They have used their time to leave work early every day, while still getting everything done. They have begun taking vacations again to rest and renew and live again.

How would you use your time, after finding your Focused Calm?

When we teach you to weave traditional meditation techniques together, we also teach you how to take your meditation practice off your cushion and bring it into your life; to create a living meditation you can rely on, no matter how fast the world is spinning around you.

Whether in person, at our studio in New York City, or online, we will teach you how to expand a simple meditation technique into a very real practice that will help you build the life you want.


[quote type=”center”]”The Focused Calm is a saving grace I come back to every day of my life.”[/quote]

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The Focused Calm is more than just two words. It is a very real practice with very real benefits that will work throughout your day, personally and professionally.

It is less about floating through your day, unaware of the world around you. It is about seeing the world for what it is and remembering that you do not have to be a part of circus that can rise up around you. It is learning to be impartial, as you to embrace the joys without clinging to the ego.


It all starts with the Simple Truth Method


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