Walking Meditation – New York City

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Every Tuesday in New York City

With The Simple Truth’s Walking Meditation


Every Tuesday this summer, Jeff Cannon leads a Silent Walking Meditation along New York City’s Hudson River Park. This event is FREE and by donation if you wish.

stone field resizedJeff begins at 7:30pm with a calming breath exercise before leading a silent walk for a 20 – 30 minute meditation. His walking meditation starts where 24th street meets the Hudson River in Chelsea. He will takes you along one of three routes along the Hudson River Park. Afterwards there will be time to sit, to chat and to enjoy the community of the experience.

You can quietly peel off at any time. So even if you do not have 30 minutes, this is the perfect way to start a stress-free week for yourself. So Breathe, Step, Watch the sunset, and enjoy a calm escape with nothing but the sound of the river and the wind in the trees.

This is truly an amazing experience that has been created for those in and around New York City. This is your time to relax , re-balance, and find the Focused Calm you need for the week ahead.NYC Walking Meditation 03032916

Best of all, you will be able to follow the sun as you cross its path, and it yours.

Each sunset will mark the subtle changes through summer. At the start and finish the sun will set just before we meet. By the middle of summer the sun will set well after the walk has begun.


In just 20 Minutes, you will feel

calm, relaxed & restored

for whatever life has in store for you

The serenity of mindfulness

A refined sense of balance

The Focused Calm that is yours to treasure


Click here to learn more about The Simple Truth’s Approach to Walking Meditation.


With every step & every breath

create a powerful and personal practice

you can return to

at any time


“The river and the sky on one side, the city on the other, and I was perfectly balanced between the two.”


“A beautiful way to watch the sun journey across the sky.”